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           ” I was suppose to marry a guy who was from banglore,i got in touch with him on matrimonial site he lied to me about his job, i hired Time Surveillance detective agency in thane and they sent thier professional staff to banglore and get truth about his job and earning.i am grateful to Time Surveillance for saving my life.”

Miss Ashwini Tupare, Mumbai 

          ” I am running a pest control service at Vashi. We do advertise with justdial and sulekha to generate leads, from last few months i noticed that all our leads are being approach by our competitor beore us.First i doubt that someone may hacked our mail i changed password but no use finally i approached Time Surveillance detective agency in thane, They asked me to let thier staff join my company as IT engineer i did same and their employee joined our company as IT engineer and exposed the culprit on 9th day of joining with evidencde.Thats awesome.” 

Mr Abhiji Tayade, Navi Mumbai

          ” Sorry i cant disclose my issue but I give five star to Time Surveillance detective agency in thane for thier great work to resolve my case, they not only have good exprience to handle difficult cases but have personalized spy gadgets to track someone,best thing i tried services of two more detective agency but i found only Time Surveillance honest.”

Dr Izhar Khan, Thane

          ” I was looking for divorce from my wife but my lawyer has advised me to gather some evidence that she is employed and independent otherwise i will have to give her elimony, I came to know that she is doing job in a school as a teacher but it was difficult for me to gather evidence, I searched online for detective agency and found Time Surveillance detective agency in thane i submitted my issue at thier website.

One of Time Surveillance staff contacted me and asked few details of my wife and they called her pretending to be a representative of school and offered her a job at thier school and shortly managed to get her resume where she has mentioned her duration of work as a teacher in current school and that was enough for me. Not only they gave me call audio recording where she said that she is currently teaching in school and provided a video while she was teaching, They did it all within 4 working days, Thats really great i am thankful to them for thier great help.

Mr Sandeep Waghmare, Nahsik

          ” Me and my youner brother running transport business. Our drivers always lie about there location and they carry passenger without our permission we tried hard to track them but it was difficult, finally we decided get help of detective agency and we called Time Surveillance detective agency in thane, They installed an amazing gadget in all of our vehicles, it was mirror with SIM card inserted which shows us location of vehicle.

There was inbuilt mic which we used to listen surrounding of inside vehicle and 2 cameras one show inside of car to chek if theres any passenger in vehicle and another camera facing out side which helped us if driver lie that he got stuck in traffic camera shows live road, Thats really helped us we are grateful to staff of Time Surveillance for this help, it has resolved our problem for lifetime.Thank you very much.

Mr Nilesh Gawde, Thane

          ” Our daughter is studying in college and was having affair with her classmate, We didnt had any idea about it but my wife has noticed that she is spending much time on chatting on phone, whenever we asked she said she is chatting with friend regarding studies we were not satisfied by her answer so we visited Time Surverillance detective agency in thane they just helped us to install smartphone monitoring app  on our daughter phone after that we came to much about that guy and it was confirm that she is having affair with him.

Second step we wanted to know about classmate and off course Time Survillance has helped us again they did surveillance and provided us his address, his family details and caste details etc, he was not from our caste that was the main issue so we tried hard to make our daughter realize that he is not good for her and after all she got our point and started avoiding him. Its all becuase of Time surveillance assistance, thier staff coperated with us alot. Thanks a ton to entire Time Surveillance team.

Mr & Mrs Fernandes

          ” I am awholesaler of costly phones we do send our boy for cash collection every evening but one evening one of our cash collection boy ran away with 8 Lac cash we searched hard but he was not available at his residence,his phone was continuously switched off and even other people staying with him has no idea about him, we contacted his father who was staying in village but they too unaware, we made police complain but even after one month we got nothing, we reached Time surveillance detective agency in thane and given his all details we had including PAN number .

Time Surveillance team find out details of his bank account using his PAN then they found one account was being used for withdrawal they send thier investigator out of ATM where he made most of withdrawal and finally on 3rd days he came at same ATM and time surveillance investigator followed him and provided us his place of stay, and we recovered 80% or amount from hime, We salute Time Surveillance team for thier pathetic job.

Mr Haresh Chawla, Pune

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