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Pre Marriage verification

Our detective agents in delhi has carried out many Pre marriage verification in Delhi becuase we got largest number of Pre marriage verification job in delhi.Now-a-days the way of searching life partner has been changed. Most of the people looking for thier life partner online using matrimmonial sites or marriage bureau in that case you have two option either trust details provided by partnet blindly or investigate.

 For investigation our detective agents in delhi are best definately investigation will protect you from being associated with someone who is liar. For this investigation Time Surveillance is ready to assist. We let you know his job profile, sibblings, family background, about his past like if he was close to someone before you, Maximum details will be provided so that you could take better decision because it’s about your life.

Extra marital affair

Did you noticed changes in behaviour of your spouse? Changes in daily routine? changes in habits? spending lot of time on phone confidentially? Phone is lock protecting you to access phone? Might be seeing someone else and that that is not good  if you want long last relationship. Our detective agents in delhi are expert enough to handle such type of cases. Let us help you we will get truth in form of photo and video evidence, Not only that but complete detail of the person  who is involved in relationship with your spouse will be provided you. Let our detective agents in delhi serve you once we guarantee you will get truth within very less time with strong evidences.

Divorce case investigation

In divorce cases we gather evidences according to client’s requirement so that he could produce it in court and expect verdict in his favour. It is speciality of our detective agents in delhi, Generally we gather Photographs, Videos to proof adultery, Income, Employment for maintenance and elimony matters, Marriage proof also to save maintenance.Wether its matter of alimony or custody of child dfinately evidence gathered by our detective agents in delhi will help you in court to get favourable verdict.

Bussiness partner loyalty check

If you’re doing business in partnership with someone then be cuatious may be your business partner is cheating you by providing you false profit report or false expense report and having more share of profit by keeping you in dark so dont worry our staff are well trained to handle such type of situation. Just hire our staff for a month at any designation and shortly all fraud taking place by your partner will be on your table with proper evidence so that you could confront him.

Find out missing or Absoconding person

Wether employee is absconding after making financial fraud or loved one is missing we got a expert team to find him out. Either provide us his phone number if it is not switched off or aadhar number if it is linked with his bank account thats enough for us. Time surveillance expert will find him within maximum 10 days. We handled such type of 13 cases and resolved 9 cases successfully.

Teenager Monitoring

Monitoring kids activities is very important now a days to prevent them from company of wrong people. Kids get in touch with someone who is not suitable for them using social media and trust them blindly whcih is harmful for them because they dont have exprience of life more than you.

Its you only who can save them and in this case Our detective agents in mumbai are mature enough to help you by using physical and digital surveillance, Digital surveillance mean by using our child monitoring software you can track thier all activities on PC or laptop and using our child monitoring app you can track thier activities on smartphone including thier GPS location, calls, Social media and messenger etc.

Cyber Fraud Detection

Its time of digitalization, everything is digital wheter its banking or shopping, frauds are taking place on every turn sometimes someone makes payment using our debit card or credit card without our consent,sometimes fraud people call us pretending to representative of bank and ask for OTP by saying its procedure of KYC, latest method of cheating fraud people call us and ask you to install teamviewer quicksupport using it they get full access of your smartphone and in all cases we suffer with financial loss but we are there to track them if you are victim. We dont guarantee that we will recover your loss but atleast we will find that fraud person and get infront of you.

Sting Operation

As we mentioned earlier founder of Time Surveillance Mr Vicky Robert used to journalist of reputed news channel NDTV, expert in sting operation. He carried out many successful sting operations during his media job and now Time Surveillance staff is doing same under his supervision using high resolution spy cameras, if you want to catch someone red handed with evidence we are here to organise sting operation with guarantee of sucess.

Employee Verification

Before appointing a new employee its good idea to investigate a little about his background, reason for leaving last job, how satisfied last employee with his performance and behaviour and about his address wether he provided you correct residence address. This will reduce chanes of being cheated in future by employee. We will do all investigation for you very confidentilally and will get you detailed report within 3 to 5 working days.

Asset Verification

Asset verification helps you in most cases to take a better deicision, especially when you plan to invest in someone business with expectations of good return. We will let you know actual condtion of busines, Wether he has own office or its rented.about plant and financial condtion etc. Investion in someone else’s business without proper investigation is not a wise decision at all.

Insurance Claim

Its headache for insurance companies to verify claims because they face many false claims everyday. We served many insurance companies and protected them from claims made by fraud people and saved them from huge financial losses. All credit goes to our highly trained staff for thier hardwork.

Documents Verification

Have a doubt about employees documents to be fake wether its electricity bill, Aadhar card, Bank statement, birth ceritficate, School Leaving cerficate or Marksheet Dont worry we will let you how authentic it is thats too within 72 hours.Thats how we will save you from being cheated from your employee.

Address Verification

Wether it is address of your employee or someone else we will get you truth if he has given incorrect address by visiting his address.There will be two level verification, first we will confirm at given address later we will confirm from neighbours.This way you wil get more authentic result.

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