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Time Surveillance is one of the reliable detective agency in delhi  with branches in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Pune exprienced and highly skilled more than 30 staffs, Serving customers from last 18 years, Resolved more than 807 cases with 100% customer satisfaction.

Our services are cost effective and resonable, We will start our job after 50% of payment rest can be pay after finishing 80% of work, We accept offline payment by Cash by visiting our detective agency in delhi or your nearest branch, Cheque and DD, online payment by Credit Card, Debit Card,  PayPal, PayTM, Ola Money, RTGS, NEFT, IMPS and UPI, International payment by Wire Transfer, Wester Union and Bitcoin etc.

We provide all type of detective service for more detail please check our services section.

Thats depend on how complicated case is. Most of the cases has been resolved within 24 hours by our detective agency in delhi but sometimes it takes week or months.

You are most welocme, You may visit our head office located near Thane railway station 1 minute walking distance from Thane Railway station or vist our branch office detective agency in delhi, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai or Pune if it is nearest to you.

Off course we do. Even sometimes our staff go out of india for investigation and surveillance and do thier job without breaking law of the country.

Yes, It is 100% confidential, We never share any information of our customers or case or progress of case with anybody else.Even our field investigator cant disclose it to anybody because we assign them thier role in case but dont let them know entire matter or the detail of the customer who assigned case.

Not an issue, You may either visit our detective agency in delhi or nearest branch in other cities or visit contact page and get in touch with us via phone, Email, WhatsApp or just fill up the Get in touch form and one of our representative will contact you shortly.

In case you make payment and for any reason either you postpone investigation or cancel you will be eligible for full refund, in case investigation initiated and you cancel in mid way, partila refund will be given depending on time spent on investigation, Once you are quallified for refund it will be credited in your account within 24 hours.

Investigation & Surveillance

It means follow someone or keep an eye on someone to find out his daily activities and routine.

We send our staff to follow target person and give you report about his daily acitivities, like where he goes, whom he meets and what he do etc. All report will be given with evidence in form of videos and photos. Normally we send two staff one male and another one female behind target person and we keep changing staff so that target shouldn’t doubt that he is being followed.

For investigation it depend on type of case, in some cases we send one or more than one staff, most cases handles by male but in some cases we use female staff depent on nature of case.

We will send you report daily evening by Email or WhatsApp whatever you prefer or you can personally collect report by visiting our detective agency in delhi or your nearst agency, If case is sensitive you can call anytime to incharge of case and get report which is availavle at the moment or if you want every movement our case incharge will inform you via WhatsApp or call.

We need some latest Photos of target person and current address,If you provice time of leaving home it will make our job easy and whatever more detail you share with you will get better result.

For investigation requirement depend on type of case, for example someone is missing or absconding We need his phone number and aadhaar or PAN using this details we will be able to tack him if you share more details like his photo,his family details and thier phone numbers and date of missing it will get you fast and better result.

We do many type of investigation like Pre/Post marriage investigation, Extra marital affair, Divorce case investigation, business fraud, Banking and financial fraud, Cyber fraud, Finding our missing or absconding person, Tenager monitoring, Sting operation, Employee verification, Address verification, Asset verification, Documents verification and insureance claim verification etc.

Digital Surveillance

Now a days digital surveillance is most popular and prefered way to monitor someone, we use app and softwares to carry out digital surveillance, We do install it on target person phone and PC to get all his activities done on phone and PC for more details click here, Please note according to Indian law you can use digital surveillance to monitor your kids under age 18 years or your employees with written consent.

Software for PC need to be install one time in target PC, after complete installation it will be hidden from desktop. It will upload all activities on online panel which can be access by you using user ID and password.

You will get browsing history, Keystrokes, download history and time spent on pc etc.

PC monitoring software is compatible with Mac OS and Windows OS.

Smartphone monitoring app lets you monitor all activities done on smartphone, Activities done will be immediately uploaded on dashboard which can be access by you using user ID and password.

One you install monitoring app in target device you will get immediately Contact list, App list, Current location after that as soon as an activity take place will be uploaded on dashboard immediately. It includes Call details with audio recording, Whatsapp incoming/outgoing messages and other all major messengers, Facebook and instagram, GPS locations, Browsing history, Gmail and youtube, SMS and Photos. 

You will be able to access file manager of device and you control device too by using dashboard command like you can block an app to pervent user to use that app or you can block any number to prevent user to make or recieve call from that particulal number, You will be capture picture using target device camera or make a video, use mic to listen surrounding of targer device,You can see live screen of target device and much more.

Yes, because we dont support remort installation that’s why physical access is necessary.

It takes 5 minutes if you bring device to us, if you install by yourself it may take 20 minutes.

We will provide you training for installation by providing you installation video and screenshots and at the time of installation our technical team will be in touch with you on phone to guide you intallation process.

Yes, Free demo is available for demo please visit our detective agency in delhi or your nearest agency.

It will be 100% safe, upon registration of app you will be prompt to choose user ID and password unless you share this ID and password with someone else data of target device is abolutely safe.

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